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Introduction to insurance, Life Insurance Basics, Life Insurance Policies, Car Insurance, Car Loan Scheme Detail

Car Loan Scheme Procedure & Information

Introduction Car loan scheme is a type of loan that a bank can give to a person. If a person has not enough money to buy a car then he can choose some other options. In these options the most important is the car loan.  He can take a loan …

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Life Insurance Definition and Benefits

Definition and explanation: Life insurance is basically the insurance of the person who has joined the insurance company i.e., policy holder. When a person becomes a policy holder for the insurance company and selects the category of life insurance then it means that if he dies uncertainly by some natural …

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Life Insurance Policy Features And Clauses

Policy Features And Clauses There are some features and clauses that are included in the life insurance policy as a basic necessity. These topics will be discussed in detail and are given below:- Some of the policy features are given below:- 1: policy effective date:- This is the date at …

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Life Insurance Basics Requirements & Procedure

Life insurance There are several methods to purchase the life insurance. One can purchase enough life insurance according to his family and needs. Some of these methods or rules are given below: 1:premium as percentage of income:- According to this rule a minimum of six percent of the whole gross …

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Life Insurance Companies & Policy Terms

Life Insurance companies There are several large and high rating insurance companies in the world. Here brief introduction of a few of those will be discussed so that you can understand more about life insurance and to see how they are structured to facilitate and for the comfort of their …

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Buyers and Agents Role In Insurance Policy

BUYERS AND AGENTS: Today we will discuss about the two important personalities which play a vital role in the process of insurance and to run the companies as well.  These two are the buyers and agents.  In a simpler way we can say that they have a bridge role between …

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Four Basic Elements Of Insurance

Elements Of Inssurance Insurance provides a new way for the safety and security of people and their property. Actually insurance is the combination of the different elements and my today’s discussion will revolve around these elements. These are: Insurance as transfer system Insurance as business Insurance as contract Insurance as …

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What is Insurance Concept and History ?

Concept and History Since the civilization started man has always been searching for a good type of safety and security protection. In his life he has taken a risk and to overcome this risk developed some kind of security by making an organization. In this way man has learned about …

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